Purflings for stringed Instruments

From our program, we offer fibre-wood-fibre purflings especially for Bowed instruments. Because of our production engineering, these purflings have a high dimensional accuracy and are of an excellent quality to work with.

For example, you can take a couple of our purflings, put them into a hot, wet cloth and after 10 minutes these purflings will be as easy to bend as a cord. Wood purflings are already easy to bend at about 70-90°C. You will discover that the glue of the purflings does not disintegrate, and the dimensional accuracy remains unchanged.
Because of our extensive stock we always have fibre (black and white) - maple (natural) - maple (black colored) - pear and poplar in different thicknesses; from 0.3 mm to 1.5 mm. We are able to quickly deliver orders exactly to your wishes. Our purflings are made to a length of 800 mm and delivered in a straight form. Concerning the cutting thickness (depth), we conform to your demands.

For your convenience, we offer a delivery shedule by which you may order your total demand of purflings for one year, which we will ship to you at the dates of your choice.
We hope, you are interested and will send you with pleasure free samples for your trial.

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